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Today's most talented musicians, producers and audio engineers know how easy it is to expand their creative horizons with a Nord keyboard or MIDI controller. Handmade in Sweden, Nord keyboards and MIDI can be found on stages and in studios around the world. Nord's roster of famous artists includes many heavy hitters in the music industry and they've been used on recordings by the likes of Alice Cooper, Dream Theater, Black Eyed Peas and Demi Lovato. If you're thinking about adding your name to that roster, you're in luck: this section is loaded with Nord synths, pianos, sound modules and even complete keyboard & MIDI packages to suit every taste and budget.

To get a better idea of which Nord keyboard or MIDI controller is right for you, you'll definitely want to consider a few factors, like how many keys you prefer, how many features you need and how much you're willing to spend. For example, the Nord Electro 5D 61 is a top-selling 61-key model that boasts an impressive variety of stereo effects and piano, organ and synth sounds. Notable features include discrete reverb and delay FX paths, 1GB of Piano Sample Memory, portable weighted hammer action keys and foot pedal FX control. Compact and portable, the Electro 5D 61 is ideal for any travelling keyboardist.

It was mentioned earlier that this selection also features keyboard & MIDI packages. These value bundles are very convenient because they give you everything you need in a single purchase to start making music. Need a suggestion? Check out the C2D Combo Organ with Keyboard Amplifiers, Matching Stand, Headphones, Bench, and Sustain Pedal. The C2D organ with this package features an LCD display, a redesigned Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit, Vox and Farfisa transistor organ simulations and more. This keyboard is the ultimate model for musicians who perform with their drawbars as well as their keys - and paired with so many essential accessories, you'll be blowing away audiences in no time.

With so many choices here, you could spend all day browsing these pages. There's the Electro 5D 73, the Stage 2 EX 88-Key Piano, countless other MIDI packages and even popular sound modules like the Lead 4 Rack. Whether you're a keyboardist who wants to incorporate more effects into a performance or a budding producer who likes to compose in the comfort of a home studio, Nord has something for you in this catalog.