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NS Design Cellos

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There are cellos, and then there are NS Design cellos. As soon as you feast your eyes on this catalog, you'll realize quickly that these aren't your standard cello models. After all, we're talking about NS Design here: a company that has been dedicated since 1990 to expanding on the possibilities of electric bowed stringed instruments. In fact, NS Design's roster includes many acclaimed experimental cellists, including Jenn Adams, Greg Byers, Claire Courchene and Ryan Cross. Simply put, if you're a cellist who wants to broaden your playing horizons, an NS Design cello is just the answer.

If you're new to NS Design cellos and aren't sure where to start your search, you might want to consider kicking off your quest with a top seller - in which case, check out the NXT 5-String Electric Cello. This popular cello is designed specifically for serious, budget-conscious players who want to try something new. The NXT Cello is passive (so it doesn't require a battery) and its flawless workmanship is obvious in its smooth playability and powerful, soaring tone.

Moving things along, another terrific NS Design cello is the CR4 4-String Electric Cello. Compact, resistant to temperature changes and sporting a sophisticated design, this electric cello can perfectly mimic the delicate tones of an acoustic model. It's also equipped with a Polar piezo pickup system and 3-way toggle switch with volume, bass and treble EQ control active electronics. Live on stage or recording in the studio, you'll be blown away by the CR4's remarkable tone-shaping abilities.

Hopefully these two NS Design electric cellos gave you a good idea of what this section is all about - and there are other stunning models here as well, so try to spend a little time here. Simply not enough can be said about NS Design's knack for innovation. Their bowed stringed instruments are the result of a passionate team of audiophiles and musicians who look to the past and the future for inspiration. The only thing left for you to do now is grab one of these NS Design cellos and explore your musical skills in ways you've never thought possible.