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Martin Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

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There's no luthier better-respected for acoustic guitars than C.F. Martin & Co. They've been at it since 1833, after all, and in that vast length of time, they've only gotten better. The formula at Martin is easy to understand: design it well, build it right and, most importantly, make sure that there's an instrument available for everyone. Nowhere else is that more obvious than in this range of Martin left-handed acoustic guitars. They've gone the extra mile to make sure that every musician has access to their best models, including the southpaws among us. When we say "their best models," that's not just talk, either. There are guitars in this section that can easily stand up to any right-handed Martin. Take the OM Eric Clapton / Hiroshi Fujiwara Navy Blues Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar for example. This instrument really is a masterpiece of cooperation, the result of teamwork between C.F. Martin & Co., Eric Clapton's Japanese associate Hiroshi Fujiwara, and, of course, Clapton himself. Compared to past models in this collaborative series, the new OM lengthens the scale to 25.4" to improve string tension and tonal projection - and that's just the icing on the cake that is this gorgeous numbered and signed guitar. Are you looking for a left-handed acoustic guitar that combines classic tone and design with modern technology? That might sound too good to be true, but it's not - just check out the Martin DXAE and OMXAE with Sonitone USB electronics by Fishman. Unplugged, these guitars give you all the sound and character of a vintage Martin. Plug them in and the high-tech features under the hood go two steps further: all the versatility of any acoustic-electric model, plus the power of USB connectivity on top of that. Whether you like the idea of a high-tech acoustic or you're just fine with a traditional, low-tech instrument, you can find something right up your alley in this section. In fact, Martin left-handed acoustic guitars are such excellent performers that we wouldn't be surprised to see right-handed guitarists being the ones to try playing upside-down for a change, just to get their hands on them - but not if you get to them first!