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Mandolin Cases & Gig Bags

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If there's one thing all musical instruments have in common, it's that they should all be placed in a case or gig bag when they're not being used. The mandolin is no exception, and whether you're a hobbyist who enjoys jamming with friends or a touring professional who hits the road often, the perfect case or gig bag for your mandolin is waiting in this section. The most respected names in case and gig bags are represented here offering their own durable, high-quality models, including Gator, Musician's Gear, Epiphone and Road Runner.

When choosing a mandolin case or gig bag, there really isn't any right or wrong answer - after all, everyone has their own personal preferences. With that in mind, some cases offer a higher degree of protection than others, so it's definitely in your best interest to think about how often you travel with your mandolin. For example, the Road Runner RRMAM ABS Molded A Mandolin Case is a hard-shell case that has a non-scratch plush-lined interior and padded neck, two accessory compartments and a locking latch. Ideal for pro-level musicians, its exterior is a roadworthy-shell that features 2 riveted latches and a tongue-and-groove valance. It should also be noted that Road Runner uses an eco-friendly dye-free material - making this case an environmentally-friendly way to maintain the quality of your mandolin.

Of course, if you're an amateur enthusiast who simply needs a gig bag for getting to and from your mandolin lessons, you don't need anything too cumbersome; something like the Musician's Gear Mandolin Gig Bag will do just fine. Sporting a black 600-denier Cordura exterior, 18mm of high-density padding, a large accessory pocket and a comfortable shoulder strap, this mandolin gig bag will ensure your mandolin is secure when it's at your side.

And there are plenty of other hard-shell and soft-shell options as well. When all is said and done, the importance of owning a case or gig bag for your mandolin cannot be emphasized enough. They'll shield your instrument from impact with other objects, slow down the buildup of dust, and they'll also give you peace of mind knowing that your mandolin is in a safe spot in between practices and performances.