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GHS Electric Guitar Strings

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When it comes to your six string, you want to outfit it with nothing but the best accessories available. Of course, when it comes to GHS electric guitar strings, you can be sure that your instrument will always sound and look fantastic. For more than 50 years, GHS has been a leader in the design and production of strings for fretted instruments - and with their drive to provide top-quality strings for every performance style, there is definitely a set of strings in this selection to suit your specific tastes. If you're a budding guitarist who is still in the learning stages of playing, you'll want a string that is lightweight to make holding down chords easier. GHS's GBCL Coated Boomers Custom Light Electric Guitar Strings are made with roundwound nickel-plated steel and feature a thin, clear coat on each string. This coating gives unseasoned fingers a little extra cushion so marathon practice sessions should never be a problem. Additionally, these strings offer a bright, long-lasting tone that's ideal for heavy metal, rock, country, blues and pop playing styles. For musicians who prefer their sound to have more bottom end, check out the HC-GBCL Thick Core Boomers. Their beefier core allows for greater sustain, a more focused low and a thicker, rumbling tone. These strings are perfect for both standard and drop tuning - so if you're looking for a heavier, darker sound, Thick Core Boomers are the strings for you. GHS electric guitar strings offer musicians the ultimate in tone and playability - and through their years of collaboration with industry leading guitarists like Eric Johnson and David Gilmour, they've certainly earned their reputation as "The String Experts". While every guitarist has a different preference when it comes to strings, taking some time to know what's available will make your search for a new set much easier.