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Finger Picks & Thumb Picks

Finger and thumb picks may be small in size, but they can make a big impact on the sound of your instrument. Perfect for a bluegrass style of music or softer acoustic tunes, these little accessories can really help you switch up your playing style and find exciting new sounds. Finger and thumb picks differ from standard guitar picks in their design and the way they are held. Fingerpicks clip onto or wrap around the end of the fingers or thumb so the player can pick several strings at once. This provides the upbeat, plucky sound often heard from a stringed instrument. The thickness of a finger or thumb pick should be a consideration before purchase. A thinner, lighter gauge pick would be a great starting point as they are quite flexible and easy to control. These types of picks are a wonderful complement to a more delicate acoustic type of song. Medium and heavy gauge picks are perfect for faster playing styles like you hear while strumming on a banjo.

Whatever type of pick you choose, it's important to focus on proper technique to avoid fatigue. The bulk of your power should come from the wrist and the rest from the thumb or finger joint. Picks generally come in either a metal construction which gives a louder, more precise tone or plastic which is a bit softer. Generally thumb picks are plastic and finger picks are metal. National Picks Nickel Silver Finger Picks would be a good choice if you are mastering the smooth, dynamic sounds of an acoustic guitar while Ernie Ball Thumb Picks are a flexible plastic option that will help you master the fun, lighthearted music of a ukulele or banjo. Whatever type of finger or thumb pick you decide on to enhance your playing style, you're sure to be pleased at the depth and pleasing tone they help you produce. Look around and try out different picks until you find the perfect one for your own unique sound.