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Student Concert Baritone Horns

Created in the late 1700s, the baritone horn is commonly found in concert brass bands around the world. Although it works similarly to a trumpet, it's actually twice the trumpet's length and has a lot in common with the euphonium - in fact, it's generally the same instrument except it uses three valves instead of the euphonium's four. This baritone horn is very easy to learn and it only requires regular maintenance, making it an exceptional first instrument for students. You'll also discover in this section that there are a wide range of student concert baritone horn models to choose from. While instruments like the trumpet are more popular, there are many upsides to playing the baritone. For one, baritonists are extremely valued by band teachers for their contribution to a brass band's low sound. Other benefits are that less students playing them means the demand for your skills will go up more, and the fact you've learned such an uncommon instrument makes for a higher chance of your unique talents getting noticed. So let's take a look at some options. To kick things off, check out the Amati ABH 321 Series Bb Baritone Horn. Lightweight and delivering a beautiful tone, this horn is a standard student model with many impressive features like yellow brass construction, stainless steel valves, a red brass mouthpipe and nickel-silver trimmings. It also comes with a case and a mouthpiece, so you can be ready to play it as soon as it's in your hands. Getzen is another respected name in the world of brass instruments and the Getzen G8230S Series Bb Baritone Horn will have any aspiring baritonist off to a head start in their musical journey. Boasting a .565" bore, 10" bell, nickel silver piston valves and more, this horn delivers a warm, mellow tone and its compact design makes it very comfortable for students to hold and play. Along with the items mentioned, this selection has many others that deserve your attention as well, including models from King, Besson, Kanstul and Jupiter. Whatever you decide on, you can have peace of mind knowing that only the best student concert baritone horns are offered here - so any choice you make will be a great one.