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Classroom Triangles & Chimes

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Trophy Triangle
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Nino Triangle
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Triangles and chimes are among the most underestimated percussion instruments in a concert band or orchestra. In fact, any pro concert percussionist will tell you that triangles and chimes are very versatile and many complex techniques can be mastered on them. With that being said, the small size and simplicity of triangles also makes them ideal starting points for younger aspiring percussionists, which is why they're often found in elementary classroom settings. On this page you'll discover a wide array of classroom triangles and chimes from trusted drum and percussion manufacturers.

Any one of these triangles or chimes would make an excellent addition to your classroom. As always, starting your search with the best sellers is a great way to speed up your decision-making process and for that we'll point you in the direction of the Rhythm Band Musical Street Triangle. Available in 4", 5", 6" and 8" sizes, this triangle is crafted from steel and comes with a striker and holder. Another terrific choice is the Remo Lynn Kleiner Triangle with Beater. This high-quality triangle delivers a beautiful sound, the secure hanger easily fits into the triangle's hole and the striker has an easy-to-grip handle.

Now if chimes are what you're after, this catalog is sure to have something to your liking. From Nino, there's the popular Energy Chime with Beater: a loud and resonant free-floating bar that sits on a beautifully-crafted wooden base. Or how about the Grover-Trophy 4 Note Table Top Chime: paired with a mallet, this collection features chimes in the notes of G, C, E and G and will surely have more than a few students excited for their next music class.

And of course, making music class fun is what these classroom triangles and chimes are specifically designed for. Who knows - by adding one or more of these percussion instruments to your classroom, you could easily be kickstarting the musical journey of a professional triangle or chime player. So don't hesitate any further to explore the rest of your choices in this selection.