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Banjo Strings

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Whether you're playing bluegrass, folk, country or traditional Irish music, the string choice you make for your banjo will have a significant impact on its resulting sound. Thankfully, today's top string manufacturers each specialize in their own sets for this amazingly versatile instrument. From D'Addario and GHS to Elixir, Ernie Ball and Martin, all the big names are here. In fact, you'll even find signature artist banjo strings that are made in collaboration with today's best banjo players. Before deciding on a set, it helps to ask yourself a few questions. For example, do you play a 4- 5- or 6-string banjo? Another thing to think about is the string gauge you feel most comfortable with. Light, medium and heavier gauges are available, and the option you go with will ultimately boil down to personal taste. If a lighter string is what you want, check out the D'Addario NYXL Light Banjo Strings (9-20). Made using D'Addario's revolutionary NY High Carbon Steel for top-notch strength and pitch stability, these strings have a very bright tone and dynamic projection. Or, if you play a tenor banjo and are after a medium gauge set, check out the Ernie Ball 2303 Medium Gauge Tenor Banjo Strings. Favored for their vibrant tone and smooth sound, the Ernie Ball 2303s are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure their durability and consistency. As mentioned earlier, you'll also find signature artist strings in this section, and the Gibson Scruggs Signature Medium Banjo Strings are a best seller. Made to Earl Scruggs' exact specifications, these strings offer a crisp tone, incredible note definition and overall are everything you'd expect from a respected company like Gibson and a bluegrass legend like Earl. And these aren't your only options, so feel free to browse the banjo string sets offered at any time now. Considering how popular the banjo has become in the mainstream over the past decade thanks to groups like Mumford & Sons, Dropkick Murphys and The Avett Brothers, it's no surprise that today's banjo string choices are seemingly endless. Of course, that's great news for you, and you don't need to look any further than this catalog for a set that will last through countless strums and plucks.