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BG Ligatures & Caps

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The only things finer than the wines in France are the instruments. It's the birth country for a lot of the world's most prominent instruments, including many of the woodwinds - so it makes sense that it's also home to world-class accessories like BG ligatures. There are lots of different products coming out of BG's headquarters in Lyon, but the most prestigious are without a doubt the ligatures you'll find in this section. Alongside those, there's also an assortment of caps (some of them included with the ligatures) so you can keep your whole mouthpiece assembly protected while you're moving your instrument from place to place. The first step to choosing your next ligature is simply to figure out what sort you'd like to use. Metal ligatures, like the BG Lacquered Metal Jazz Saxophone Ligature or the BG Tradition Bass Clarinet Ligature, are the classic choice and they're always a reliable way to go. Of course, it goes without saying that it's crucial to match the ligature size and type to the specific instrument it's for - a proper fit is the first step to good performance. The obligatory exception to the rule would be a ligature like the BG Duo Series, which is specially designed to fit both clarinet and alto saxophone. If you want the most versatile ligature you can get your hands on, it's worth looking into fabric ligatures like the BG Flex Series Ligature and the L6 Standard Bb Clarinet Ligature. Without the need for precise fitting like a metal ligature, these will fit any mouthpiece close to their intended size, which is why they're becoming more and more popular. Some styles, such as the BG Super Revelation Series Ligature and the L4R Revelation Bb Clarinet Ligature, even have a metal pressure plate built in to rest against the reed; these are perfect for combining the easy fit of a fabric ligature with the distinctive tone of a metal one. The guiding philosophy at BG Frank Bichon is "when details make the difference," and that idea comes through very strongly in their ligature designs. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you're sure to find a BG ligature that's just right for you. And no matter which one you choose, that attention to detail is something you can count on to deliver a ligature you'll be proud to show off every time you uncase your single-reed woodwind.