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Sound Shields & Reflectors

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Auralex MudGuard Microphone Isolator (MUDGUARD)
Auralex MudGuard Microphone Isolator
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As a musician, you’re always looking to achieve the best sound possible but sometimes your surroundings can keep that from happening. Vaulted ceilings, furniture and the size of a room can all affect the sound quality you’re trying to reach. Rather than acoustically treating an entire room, all you need to do is improve the acoustics in the vicinity of the microphone, and sound shields are a simple way to accomplish this.

A sound shield is a great investment for live performances or home recording studios. Reflections from walls and other surfaces often bounce extra vocals back into the microphone and can produce an overlaid recording. Placing a sound shield behind your microphone blocks the unwanted audio from reaching your microphone and the end result is reduced room ambience with “drier”, more pronounced vocals.

An exceptional choice for reducing ambient noise in a rehearsal studio or control room is the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro. This unit is also particularly useful for home performers trying to record vocals and instruments on their own. Six main layers will absorb and diffuse sound waves and help prevent any reflected sound reaching to the back or sides of the mic. Thanks to a clever design on the included stand, this sound shield can be moved vertically to create the optimum working position.

Musicians might also want to consider the Primacoustic Voxguard Microphone Isolation Panel. With its larger sound shield, it gets around the microphone better and offers more sound containment. That comes in handy when you’re trying to achieve tight vocal recordings and want to prevent room reflection from entering the mic. The lightweight design of this panel also makes it easy to move around the room when trying to find the perfect placement for ideal sound quality.

Whether you’re a producer, recording musician or voiceover actor, you’ll appreciate the benefits of adding a sound shield in your studio. And before you know it, you’ll be on your way to attaining the acoustical magic every musician strives for.