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  1. Top Seller
    Levy's Heirloom Guitar Strap
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    Levy's 3" Padded Neoprene Strap
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  3. Levy's 2" Southwest Navajo Print Nylon Guitar Strap
    From $2199.00
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  4. Top Rated
    Levy's Boot Leather Guitar Strap
    From $6573.00
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  5. Price Drop
    Levy's Soft Suede Guitar Strap
    From $4559.00
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  6. Top Seller
    Levy's Leather Guitar Strap
    From $6499.00
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  7. Top Rated
    Levy's Lightning Storm Guitar Strap
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  8. Levy's 3/8" Cotton Webbing Ukulele Strap
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  9. Top Seller
    Levy's Classic Padded leather guitar strap
    From $8099.00
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    Levy's 4-1/2" Padded Leather Bass Guitar Strap
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  11. Top Rated
    Levy's Classic Leather Guitar Strap with Shoulder Pad and Belt Adjustment
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    Levy's 1/2 In Deluxe Boot Leather Mandolin Strap
    From $2199.00
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  13. Levy's Nylon Classical Guitar/Ukulele Strap
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  14. Levy's Accordion Straps
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  15. Top Seller
    Levy's Boot Leather Guitar Strap With Metal Bullets
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    Levy's 2" Poly Guitar Strap
    From $1497.00
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  17. Levy's 2 1/2" Embossed Christian Cross Garment Leather Strap
    From $5176.00
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  18. Top Rated
    Levy's 2" No. 1 High Tension Stretch Strap
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    Levy's Italian Glove Leather Guitar Strap
    From $3931.00
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  20. Levy's Leather Acoustic/Resonator Guitar Strap
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When you need a strap to hold up your instrument, Levy's is the name many musicians rely on. Not just for their instantly recognizable look, but because they are the go-to name when it comes to quality and feel. If you are looking to upgrade your current strap, or just exploring your options for a more unique look, you've come to the right place. What separates Levy's from the rest? They don't think of the strap as just another accessory, they think of it as an extension of your guitar. Designed to be as durable as it is comfortable, their straps also feature a seemingly endless variety of designs to customize the look of your instrument. Because, as the pros will tell you, stage presence is more than just the sound. Considered the luxury brand of the strap world, Levy's offers products across a variety of instruments that are crafted of every material you could think of. As well, Levy's customizability doesn't just stop at the near infinite number of designs they've created, they've even thought about the weight of their straps. From heavy-duty to lightweight options, depending on your size, playing style and preference, you're always able to find a strap that best suits your needs as a player. Levy's is all about choices, and because of that, you're only limited by the instruments you play. Not just involved in straps, if you have a guitar Levy's also produces a number of uniquely styled gig bags. With an array of features and designs, these gig bags allow you to customize even the way you store and carry your guitar. It's about showing off some personality while protecting the guitar you love. When you want to make your instrument completely your own, there's no better name to trust than Levy's. Regardless of your instrument, material preference or specific needs, this is the brand people continue to turn to. Why go with a Levy's strap? Because your instrument is worth it.
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