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Shadow Electronics Guitar Pickups

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Every company has its specialty, and for Shadow, that specialty is definitely acoustic guitar pickups. They make a wide range of different styles as well as preamps and other accessories, so no matter how you're looking to share your acoustic guitar's voice with the world, there's a good fit waiting for you here in this selection of Shadow guitar pickups. You could even choose to mount more than one, and experiment with mixing them together to see what kinds of effects you can create. For many guitarists, different types of acoustic pickups are a lot like the various positions of electric pickups: to be used separately or all together to create a unique sound that's unlike any other.

Of course, choosing the best Shadow guitar pickups for your instrument depends on the styles that interest you. For the most traditional setup, that would probably mean a piezo model like the Shadow SH066 Bridge Pickup for Acoustic Guitar or the easy-to-install Shadow Quick Mount Classical Guitar Pickup w/Volume Control and 12 FT Cable. On the other hand, if you're looking for the simplest type of pickup to install and remove at a whim, check out some soundhole pickups such as the Shadow SH 145 Prestige Active Soundhole Humbucker or the Shadow PanaMAG Acoustic Guitar Wireless System Pickup. Or maybe you'd rather use a pickup that "hears" vibrations from the guitar top instead of the strings themselves? In that case, set your sights on a transducer like the Shadow Singleducer With 1/4" Socket or the Shadow Quick Mount Removable Transducer With 12' Cable.

One of the great things about acoustic guitars is that there are so many sizes and styles of instrument, each with its own personal character. It turns out that the same is true of the pickups used to amplify and record them, so if you're looking for total control over the way your guitar sounds when it's plugged in, you're off to a good start by visiting this series of Shadow Guitar Pickups. With all kinds of varieties to choose from, they make it pretty easy to pick out the perfect one(s) for your tastes.