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Reverend Electric Guitars

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There's a simple philosophy at work with Reverend electric guitars: only the best is good enough. That's why Joe Naylor founded the company back in 1996 - he wanted to do things his own way to craft guitars that stood head and shoulders above the rest. And even though taste in guitars is a subjective thing, we don't think it's saying too much to declare that he pulled it off. In this section, you'll see firsthand what the Naylor approach has created: instruments unique in design, with amazing craftsmanship and even better playability. If you've been pining for an axe that's unlike any other, this is the place to find it. The very first Reverend electric guitars were hollow-body models, and you can still see that legacy in the present-day lineup. The early designs used mahogany cores, but modern Reverends are built with korina instead: it's an exotic tonewood that Naylor hand-picked for its consistency and acoustics. Thanks to the switch, Reverend hollow-body guitars like the Tricky Gomez and the Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 have an incredibly stable sound, and they deliver all the character of a prized vintage axe with reliability that a pawn shop find just can't match. One thing you've probably noticed about Reverend electric guitars is that there are a ton of signature models. Not only the two hollow-bodies we just mentioned, but also solid-body models like the Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk and Rick Vito Signature. These instruments really say the most important thing there is to say about Reverend guitars: when so many pro guitarists are clamoring for their own named axe, you know they're doing something right. And if you aspire to follow in these guitarists' footsteps, there's no better place to start than with the instruments they helped design. Of course, what matters most about your new guitar is that it's the best fit for you. Whether that means a signature model or any of the other axes in this section, you're always making the right choice if it's the one you can see yourself playing for years to come... be it onstage, in the studio or even in the classroom. Every option is exemplary when you're considering Reverend electric guitars, so take a close look and you'll single out your next guitar in no time.