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Railhammer Guitar Pickups

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Railhammer guitar pickups are designed by award winner and music industry veteran Joe Naylor. By combining rails under the wound strings and poles beneath the plain strings, Railhammer guitar pickups deliver chunky highs, tight lows and an overall clarity that makes them great for any serious guitarist. In fact, Railhammer's roster is constantly growing and currently includes notable industry heavyweights like Dan Mongrain of Voivod, Jack Owen of Deicide and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music.

Whether you prefer the dark sound of a humbucker or the sharp, bright attack of a P90, you'll find your ideal tone in one of these Railhammer guitar pickups. For a warm sound that's great for blues, classic rock, old-school metal or punk, check out the Hyper Vintage Humbucker Pickup. A top seller, this pickup is the result of Railhammer taking the classic PAF recipe and improving it for a new generation. Available in choices for both the neck and bridge positions, the Hyper Vintage is a lean, mean, versatile machine.

Another top-selling pickup on this page is the Gnarly 90 Humbucker Size P90 Pickup. This killer pickup fits right into a standard-size humbucker box. It delivers the raw attack and cutting sound that make P90s so popular, but without the hum (thanks to the full-metal cover). The Gnarly 90 is perfect for a wide range of musical genres - and given its affordable price, you can bet that you're getting more bang for your buck.

Of course, these two pickups are only a small sample of what Railhammer has in store for you. You'll even come across signature humbuckers that were made in collaboration with acclaimed guitarists: the Bob Balch Signature Humbucker is available for both the neck and bridge positions and both versions are everything you'd expect from the Fu Manchu riff master. No doubt, if you're seeking to take your tone to the next level, this selection of Railhammer guitar pickups has something that will make your guitar performance roar.