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Purple Guitar Straps

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A guitarist's stage presence is a matter of personal taste, and no color is off the table as long as it fits the look you're going for. So if you like a bit of a royal touch in your aesthetic, this lineup of purple guitar straps is the perfect place to get it. It goes without saying that choosing an exotic color for your strap will help you stand out onstage, especially when it's matched to your instrument and your own wardrobe! Whether you use it as a complement or a contrast, purple definitely makes an impression - and with the variety of straps available here, it's easy to find something that will fit your guitar and your shoulder (and look great doing it, of course).

To get started tracking down the right strap for you, the first thing to decide is whether you want to go simple or fancy. On the simple side, there are basic, straightforward guitar straps like the Ernie Ball 2" Poly Strap, Perri's 2" Nylon Guitar Strap and LM Products Surelock Nylon Guitar Strap. These lightweight options are perfect for beginners or down-to-earth working pros in need of a no-frills strap that gets the job done and is easy to pack up along with the guitar.

If you're interested in a more eye-catching option, then maybe the Lock-It Straps 2" Black Crushed Velvet Guitar Strap or the LM Products Crushed Velvet Padded Guitar Strap will be the way to go. Or, you could get your pattern game on with the Perri's 2" Polyester Hootenanny Design Guitar Strap. Even Get'm Get'm has a card in the purple strap game, with their 2 In Gtr Strap Gorgi in violet.

Whether you like one of these purple guitar straps or something else you see in the section, it's all good. It'll be your strap, after all, and what matters is what makes the perfect fit for your own individual preferences. Find the one that's best for your tastes, your guitar and the stage presence you want to create, and you'll be on the right track to adding a sweet new color to your guitar strap collection.