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Music Folios & Storage

Indestructible paper is probably not something the world will ever see - which is why music folios and storage accessories are must-have gear for any choir or orchestra, not to mention individual musicians. Ours is a career or hobby that tends to travel, and getting all your sheet music from place to place in one piece is certainly part of that. In this section, you can find the music folios, portfolio bags and other methods you need for storing and traveling with your favorite sheet music. Plus, some of these products have space enough to hold songbooks, magazines and planners as well, so they can do more than just hold your music: they can help you stay organized, too.

Choosing the right music folios is no big challenge; all you need to do is decide how fancy you want them to be, and whether they can hold the amount of music you plan to stuff into them. For the simplest applications, you can go for an ultra-practical choice like the Marlo Plastics Choral Folder 7-3/4 x 11 With 7 Elastic Stays and 2 Clear, Flat, Diagonal Internal Pockets. On the other hand, if you'd like a more premium material, maybe the Deer River Choral Leatherette Folio With Pencil Loop Bottom Pockets is the way to go - in the end, it's up to you.

For more general-purpose music storage, you might be better off with a sheet music bag rather than a basic folio or folder. There's the Protec Portfolio Bag, for instance, which looks sort of like a tiny suitcase and offers a multitude of pockets to sort and carry your sheet music and songbooks. Searching for something with kid-friendly styling and durability? In that case, check out the Nino Multicolored Nylon Music Folio Harlekin. Or maybe you're a professional in need of a folder that takes the standard binder one step further - that would probably be the Marlo Plastics Studio/Director Legacy Premium Folder 12" x 13".

No matter what your needs are for your music folios and storage, you can certainly find something in this section prepared to meet them. That's the power of variety, and as similar as music folios tend to be, they still manage to have a lot of unique features and design elements that set each one apart from the others. So take a look at the materials, storage space and organization features built into every option, and the right ones for you will stand out when you find them.