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Metal Bars

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If you're a country or blues musician, you know how important the metal bars in this catalog are to defining your genre's sound. These accessories work by being pressed against the strings of your pedal steel, lap steel, resonator or 6-string electric and then moved up and down as you pluck the strings with your other hand. By doing this, you can change your instrument's pitch and play different notes, melodies and harmonies. As you browse these metal bars, you'll notice many recognizable brands. From Ernie Ball and Dunlop to Shubb and Golden Gate, these are respected music accessory manufacturers, and their tone bars and guitar slides are beautifully crafted.

So what metal bar should you begin with in this section? That will depend on the type of stringed instrument you play. For lap steel and resophonic guitarists, you'll definitely want to check out the Shubb GS-1 Resophonic Steel Bar Slide. With a handle that's made from fine hardwood for improved control and a playing surface that's machined of stainless steel for clean pulloffs, it's no surprise why this bar slide is a top-rated item.

Another popular seller is the JetSlide Guitar Slide. Comfortable and very easy to master, this slide is ideal for experienced guitarists who are beginners to the slide guitar technique. All you have to do is slip it over your ring finger, and in a matter of minutes you can be playing killer blues licks and chords without missing a beat.

And there are other metal bars here that deserve your attention as well, so don't stop browsing after looking at the two models mentioned. While country and blues bands are where tone bars and slides can be utilized most often, this unique way of playing is also common in genres like bluegrass, rock and Hawaiian music. Mastering the use of metal tone bars and guitar slides is a great talent to have, and any one of the models here would make an exceptional addition to your music accessory arsenal.