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Larsen Cello Strings

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Like any bowed string instrument, the cello's sound will depend greatly on the strings it's equipped with. With that being said, Larsen cello strings are favored by soloists and ensemble members around the world - in fact, many consider Larsen cello strings to be the finest on the market. Founded in 1990 by musician and technical wizard, Laurits Th. Larson, the strings in this catalog are the result of a talented team who take pride in helping you realize your highest level of playing potential.

More than any other musical instrument, the cello's range is the closest to the human voice. Keeping this in mind, Larsen's team goes to huge lengths to develop and test the right materials for their strings so that you can explore every nuance of your instrument. The only thing you have to do is consider your current musical application and go from there. For example, if you play in an ensemble or orchestra, check out the Chrome Series Cello Strings. Available in a variety of styles, these strings are preferred for their amazing projection and warm sound. A top seller, the solid resonance and powerful timbre of these strings will be sure to impress any accomplished cellist.

Larsen also offers cello strings that are designed specifically for soloists. The Soloist Series Cello Strings are also a popular seller and their robust volume puts them in a class of their own. Available in soft, medium and strong gauges, these strings deliver the bright, full-bodied tone you need to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

From classical and jazz to even rock and pop, the cello's versatility makes it a popular instrument that appeals to music lovers of all tastes. Of course, no one understands this better than Larsen, and it's obvious when you experience the diverse tonal palette that their cello strings provide. Simply not enough can be said about Larsen cello strings, but at this point we'll leave the decision up to you; no doubt, any choice you make with Larsen will be a terrific one.