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JBE Pickups Guitar Pickups

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JBE Pickups describes their products as the "best pickups on the planet," and while that's a pretty bold claim to make, they've definitely got their share of devoted users who completely agree. The most famous musician who uses JBE Pickups guitar pickups is the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen - and he's just the headliner from a long list of artists from coast to coast. Some of those guitarists have been kind enough to leave reviews here in this section, so if you need a few more testimonials to see what JBE pickups are all about, don't hesitate to check out a few of those. After all, there's no better person than a fellow guitarist to let you know the pros and cons of a pickup.

Narrowing down your options as you browse through the JBE lineup starts with considering the type of guitar you're outfitting - that way, you can focus on models that will fit. A lot of what you'll see here is Fender-specific, such as the JBE Pickups (Barden) S-Deluxe Strat 3-Pickup Set and the JBE Pickups (Barden) Modern T Tele Bridge Pickup. But there are other types as well, including the Gibson/P90-spec JBE Pickups (Barden) JBE Soapbar Pickup Set and the JBE Pickups (Barden) HB Mini Humbucker Guitar Bridge and Neck Pickup Set. And if you're looking to take your inspiration from one of history's guitar legends, you've also got artist-influenced designs like the JBE Pickups (Barden) Danny Gatton T-Style Tele Pickup Set to choose from.

Whatever instrument you play and wherever your muse comes from, there's likely to be a few JBE Pickups guitar pickups that can satisfy on both fronts. And since pickups are a vital link in your signal chain, they're hardware that definitely rewards you for seeking out the best of the best. For plenty of guitarists, that means JBE pickups - and maybe you're ready to join them? Take a careful look at everything this section has to offer and you'll soon find out!