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Interconnect Cables

There's plenty of hardware in just about any pro audio setup or stage kit, and it's not magic that links it all together - it's cables. Your interconnect cables are an important part of your hardware layout, since they're carrying the signal from one component to another... and you know what they say about chains. Well-made cables are built to last, and they're shielded to protect the signal from interference. And of course, depending on what gear you're using and what kinds of connections it supports, you'll need to have cables that are the right layout to get the job done. So shopping for interconnect cables is pretty important! Thankfully, there are lots of options here to have you covered.

This lineup is packed with three general cable varieties: TRS, RCA and Y cables. Professional musicians, sound techs and headphone aficionados will recognize TRS right away - it stands for tip/ring/sleeve, and uses 1/4" jacks like a guitar cable but with an extra conductor to carry stereo sound. RCA is even more common, since it appears in just about everyone's living room on the backs of TVs and receivers, not to mention a wide range of pro audio gear. And Y cables are just what they sound like: cables that branch from one plug to two. They're a wide-ranging category that has all kinds of different connectors and styles to choose from.

With all that in mind, the most important part of searching for interconnect cables is making sure you're getting the right layout for your needs. It might help to draw a diagram of your sound system and make a note of the upstream and downstream connections on each piece of hardware - then you can just draw lines between them and you'll know exactly what to go for. Make sure you're getting the right length, of course, and then go from there. Take your time and double check, and you'll be pumping music through your new cables soon enough.