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Handles & Straps for Instrument Amps

Moving your amp from one venue to the next is no easy task - especially if your amp doesn't come equipped with wheels. That's why a well-made set of handles or straps for instrument amps is a great investment. Often overlooked and undervalued, handles and straps for instrument amps are a must for those times when it's just you and your muscle power that needs to make a move happen. And not only are amp handles and straps functional, they're also fashionable - they offer the perfect way to customize the look of your amp. So whether you're searching for a replacement handle for your amp or want to add a personal touch to your cab, you'll find lots of options here to make that happen.

What better way to customize your amp than with a handle or strap that screams vintage style like the Fender Leather Vintage Amp Handle? Boasting a durable leather construction with white stitching the whole way around, this amp handle is held in place by matching metal clips on either side. Want to add even more vintage Fender style to your amp? Check out the Fender's Amp Corners. They round out the corners of your Fender amp, help protect it from wear and tear and look totally cool with their sleek silvertone finish.

Maybe you're here because the handles on your amp have seen better days and are in desperate need of an upgrade. The Fender Standard Amp Handle and the Fender Dogbone Amp Handle are both solid choices. They both come with all the necessary mounting hardware (which in this case is a few screws) and can be installed on your amp with just a few quick turns of a screwdriver.

For many working musicians, setting up and tearing down their gear is a regular part of every gig. The last thing you want at the end of a late-night performance is to be wrestling with your amp to get it into the back of your band's equipment truck or van. A properly-fitted amp strap or handle will definitely go a long way in ensuring your amp makes it from point A to point B as quickly and as smoothly as possible.