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Finger Cymbals

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Also known as "zills", finger cymbals consist of two tiny cymbals that attach to the finger and thumb of each hand and are then hit together. Originating from Turkey, finger cymbals are often used by belly dancers, but their ability to produce a wide array of unique tones makes them ideal for marching bands and orchestral performances as well. Of course, their miniature nature also makes them a perfect tool for teaching percussion to younger students - in fact many of today's top drum and percussion manufacturers specialize in their own finger cymbal models, including Zildjian and Meinl.

Finger cymbals are available in a variety of configurations and sets, but to start your search we'll suggest taking a look at the Zildjian Finger Cymbal Pair. Featuring a natural case finished and matched for a pleasing tone blend, this top-selling cymbal pair produces a piercing, high-pitched ring that can be heard even in a large orchestra. Another option to consider is the Toca Finger Cymbals. Handmade, these brass finger cymbals are sold in 2-pair sets and their versatility makes them fitting for practically any musical application.

And finger cymbals don't necessarily have to be played on your fingers either. Take for example the Treeworks Finger Cymbal Tree. Boasting 7 finger cymbals mounted vertically, each cymbal in this collection is made of cast bronze and it comes with an 8" professional stainless steel batter. Whether you're the member of a discerning orchestra or a drummer who wants to add more color to a performance, the Treeworks Finger Cymbal Tree will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Whatever finger cymbal pair or set you choose from this catalog, you can expect a high level of craftsmanship and beautiful sound quality - after all, only the top brands are offered here. Finger cymbals may look small, but they can be applied to any number of musical situations; grab a set and see for yourself.