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If you own a guitar, a strap is pretty much a necessity. And why stop at just one? There are lots of reasons to be considering a new guitar strap - maybe you're a beginner in need of your first one, or maybe you're a collector looking to expand your collection. Whatever the case, you'll find some great options in this selection of Ernie Ball guitar straps. You don't have to be a devotee of Ernie Ball strings or Music Man guitars to use these straps: as long as you want a good, reliable strap that does its job and keeps you comfortable holding your guitar, you'll be off to a great start with any of the options found here.

To narrow down your choices, start by thinking about what you want in a strap. If you're into colors, for instance, check out the Ernie Ball 2" Poly Strap. It has a wide palette to offer, so you can pick out the hue that's perfect to match your guitar or to fit the color scheme of the band. Plus, this is a super affordable strap, which makes it great for beginners or as a "daily driver" for pro players. Looking for a little more spice in your strap? Don't miss the Ernie Ball Jacquard Guitar Strap: it's built like the Poly Strap, but comes in brilliant patterns to really pile on the flair. Although maybe a leather strap is more your style - in that case, there's the Ernie Ball Snakeskin Leather Strap, Crocodile Leather Strap and Studded Leather Strap.

One of the greatest things about music as a career or as a hobby is the amount of personalization you can do. Guitar straps are just one of the many details available to customize, and it goes without saying that every guitarist should own at least one. So go ahead and find the best match for your on-stage look, or even grab a whole collection so you can refresh your aesthetic from one gig to the next. Thanks to the variety of Ernie Ball guitar straps in this section, it's easy to build your guitar strap repertoire.