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EMG Prewired Pickguards

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Customizing your guitar with a new set of pickups is a fun and rewarding way to create a tone that's all your own - but hey, not every musician likes to tinker around with their instrument's nuts, bolts and wires. Thankfully, EMG has just the answer for those guitarists: prewired pickguards! Containing the solderless pots, pre-loaded pickups and pickguard, EMG prewired pickguards are a quick, easy and affordable way to upgrade your axe. With no wires to combine, prewired pickguards remove all the complication that comes along with replacing pickups.

From red pickguards with prewired single-coil pickups to dual humbucker options and even signature prewired sets from famous artists, EMG offers it all in these pages. In fact, many of these prewired pickguards are huge sellers - take for instance, the EMG-GC21 SAG Prewired Pickguard Set. This package includes: 3 exclusive Quik-Connect Cables, a 5-way selection switch, prewired control set with volume and 2 tone controls, battery clip and more. If you're going for an early Strat sound with an added mid-range punch and high output, then this prewired pickguard set is for you.

Now, we couldn't let you get away without mentioning at least a couple of signature edition prewired pickguards. For metalheads, turn your attention to the EMG-KH20 Kirk Hammett Pre-Wired Pickguard/Pickup Set. Boasting an EMG-81 with a pair of EMG-S single-coil pickups, this easy-to-install set will have you one step closer to the sound that Metallica was so renowned for in the early '80s. Or, if country music is more your bag, then check out the EMG-VG20 Vince Gill Prewired Pickguard Set. Featuring EMG-S single-coil pickups, an EMG-VG20 pickup and SPC Presence control for more output and crunch, this "Pro Series" system is identical to the one that Vince uses on his main black Strat. In no time flat, you can have your favorite 6-string set up and ready to go before your next live performance.

As you can see, EMG doesn't discriminate when it comes to music tastes; there's a prewired pickguard here for anyone who wants to personalize their guitar sound. Prewired pickguards are a simple and value-concious solution to achieving your dream tone and EMG prewired pickguards are in a class of their own.