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D'Addario Double Bass Strings

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The double bass is a seriously big instrument, and it comes with some seriously big strings to match. Which means there's no underestimating the impact they can have on the performance of your bass. With thicker, heavier wires and windings across the board, well-made strings may be even more important for the bass than for other instruments. So it makes perfect sense to stick to a brand that's proven its chops - no surprise, then, that D'Addario double bass strings are as popular as they are. They've got plenty of variety to choose from, too, so no matter where and how you like to play your bass, it's a safe bet you can find the perfect strings here in this section.

There are two things to keep at the top of your mind when looking for new strings: the instrument you play, and your personal playing style. They'll be the biggest factors to help you decide on the best fit. For example, do you play an electric bass from NS Design? D'Addario actually makes specialized strings just for these instruments: the D'Addario NS Electric Contemporary Bass String Set. They're built from the ground up to help you get the most out of your electric double bass. On the other hand, maybe you play a standard acoustic bass but in a style that's almost exclusively pizzicato. In that case, be sure not to miss the D'Addario HP610 Helicore Pizzicato 3/4 Size Double Bass String Set.

Of course, these examples are just a small sampling of what you have to choose from with D'Addario double bass strings. There are plenty more where they came from, and no matter what sort of bassist you happen to be - from a jazz club smoothster to a classical string quartet artist - it's safe to say that D'Addario has a string set that can handle what you have to throw at it. So go ahead and start browsing... your next set of strings could be waiting for you right here.