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Cases for Classical Guitars

The playability and sound quality of your classical guitar will depend on many factors. Not only does it need routine maintenance like neck adjustments, string replacements and regular cleanings, but like all guitars, it needs to be stored in a durable case when it's not being played. The good news is that cases for classical guitars are very easy to come by in this day and age. Case manufacturers like Gator, Musician's Gear, Ovation, Silver Creek and Road Runner are respected around the globe for their classical guitar cases - and along with many others, their models can be found in these pages. In addition to safeguarding your classical guitar from any sudden impact with other objects, owning a case for your classical guitar is important for other reasons as well. In fact, a quick change in temperature can have a huge influence on how your guitar looks, plays and feels, which is why it's crucial to find a case with a solid weather seal. Need a suggestion? Take a look at the HumiCase Protégé Classical/Flamenco Guitar Case. Featuring a deluxe padded plush interior, rugged, vinyl exterior and a built-in humidification system with one custom-designed humidifier pod, this case perfectly fits classical, flamenco and Spanish acoustic guitars. After you're finished eyeing the HumiCase Protégé, check out the Hiscox Case Medium Liteflite Artist Classical - Black Shell/Silver interior case. The material and hardware used in the creation of this case is of the highest quality. Equal parts rugged and stylish, it utilizes a proprietary polyurethane injection molding system and features padded crushed velour interior and integrated accessory compartment. Specifically for medium nylon strung classical guitars, this incredibly lightweight case is a top seller for obvious reasons. Of course, we could go on forever about the classical guitar case options found here, but why not check them out for yourself? Whether you're a veteran player or just started your classical guitar journey yesterday, a case for your instrument is essential to its well-being, so go ahead and make your pick!