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Brass Mutes

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  1. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg Stonelined Series Flugelhorn Mutes
    From Price UAH 755.37
  2. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg 102 Trumpet Cup Mute
    Your Price UAH 784.44
  3. Top Seller
    Jo-Ral TPT-1A Trumpet Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,162.27
  4. Top Seller
    Harmon B Model Aluminum Trumpet Wow-Wow Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,162.27
  5. Trumcor Zinger Harmon-Style Trumpet Mute
    Your Price UAH 3,342.36
  6. Humes & Berg 160 Tenor Trombone Bucket Mute
    Your Price UAH 871.63
  7. Humes & Berg 152 Tenor Trombone Cup Mute
    Your Price UAH 871.63
  8. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg Stonelined Series 113 Trixie Trumpet Plunger Mute
    Your Price UAH 813.50
  9. Top Seller
    Protec Liberty Trumpet Practice Mute
    Your Price UAH 580.99
  10. Trumcor #45 Horn Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 3,051.72
  11. Jo-Ral TRB-3 Trombone Bubble Mute
    Your Price UAH 2,702.66
  12. Trumcor Standard Series Tuba Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 5,086.20
  13. Jo-Ral TRB-6S Tenor Trombone Cup Mute
    Your Price UAH 2,499.21
  14. Protec Liberty Trumpet Aluminum Wah Wah Mute
    Your Price UAH 871.63
  15. Jo-Ral 4A Aluminum Trumpet Bucket Mute
    Your Price UAH 2,034.19
  16. Trumcor Aluminum Trumpet Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 2,325.12
  17. Top Seller
    Protec Liberty Trumpet Aluminum Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 668.18
  18. Humes & Berg 105 Trumpet Tuxedo Plunger/Glenn Miller Mute
    Your Price UAH 755.37
  19. Protec M-401 Trombone Mute Bag
    Your Price UAH 1,162.27
  20. Humes & Berg 108 Stonelined Velvetone Trumpet Mute
    From Price UAH 639.12
  21. Humes & Berg 151 Tenor Trombone Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 580.99
  22. Jo-Ral TPT-5A Aluminum Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,452.91
  23. Jo-Ral TPT-2A Trumpet Bubble Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,888.87
  24. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg 101 Trumpet Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 464.73
  25. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg 121 French Horn Straight Mute
    Your Price UAH 871.63
  26. Soulo Mute SM7525 Adjustable Trumpet Cup Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,887.71
  27. Jo-Ral Straight Trumpet Mute Plastic
    Your Price UAH 580.99
  28. Jo-Ral TPT-6 Aluminum Trumpet Plunger Mute
    Your Price UAH 1,016.95
  29. Protec Trumpet Mute Bag With Modular Walls
    Your Price UAH 1,743.55
  30. Top Seller
    Humes & Berg 164 Trombone Trixie Plunger Mute
    Your Price UAH 958.82
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Although there's some truth in calling these accessories "mutes," the name doesn't completely do them justice. Mutes do muffle or suppress an instrument's sound, but for many of them, the goal isn't to make the instrument more silent. Instead, a lot of brass mutes are designed to accentuate certain characteristics of the tone, or in some cases even add a completely new and unique sound along with it. Of course, if simple quietness is what you're looking for, you can find a practice mute that will do it. But there's so much more to the world of mutes that you might find something here to give your instrument a sound you never even knew it could have. A good example of a mute that's anything but silent is the Harmon B Model Aluminum Trumpet Wow-Wow Mute. It doesn't change the pitch of the trumpet - instead, it gives you the ability to create a wah-wah effect by sliding the cup at the end of the mute. Think of it like the brass version of a guitarist's wah pedal. It's not the only unique mute, either; there's also the treble-accentuating Humes & Berg 103 Trumpet Cleartone Mute or the 1920s-inspired Humes & Berg 120 Trumpet/Trombone Derby Mute, to name just two examples. If you're looking for the most straightforward type of mute to rein in your instrument's volume for practice sessions, keep your eyes peeled for the aptly-named practice mutes. For instance, the Trumcor Lyric Stealth Trumpet Practice Mute and Denis Wick DW5532 Piccolo Trumpet Mute are great choices to quiet down their respective instruments. Speaking of Denis Wick, if you're a frequent traveler you ought to check out their compact travel mutes, like the DW5582 for Tenor Trombone or the DW5587 for Euphonium. These models are compact enough to stay in the bell when you pack the instrument up in its case, which makes them super portable. So if you thought that mutes only had one job, then think again! Not only do the conventional straight and practice mutes come in a few different types, but there are even exotic styles of mute that have their own unique effects on your instrument's sound. The best thing you can do is experiment, so go ahead and try some out: from bucket mutes to cup mutes to plungers and more, there's a ton to discover when it comes to brass mutes.
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