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Batons for Conducting & Arrangers

It takes a lot to master the technique of conducting and arranging. You have to know your music inside-out and backward, as well as the details and intricacies of each and every instrument. But there is one conducting essential that doesn't have to come from within, and doesn't draw on years of experience: the baton. Getting your hands on one of these is much easier - just take your pick from this selection of batons and arrangers, and you're good to go! There are a variety of different-shaped handles to choose from in a range of woods and finishes, as well as a few batons that set themselves apart in different ways, which means there's an ideal choice for any conductor or arranger.

When you're looking for the simplest, most straightforward and affordable option, there's no match for the Rhythm Band Conductor Baton. Its price tag makes it easily one of the top sellers, and it's perfect for beginning conductors or simply to keep as a spare. If you're looking for something with a more premium look and feel, you could go for a model like the Mollard E Series Cocobolo Baton or S Series Purpleheart Baton. And if you want something really interesting, take a look at the Grover-Trophy Maestro Lite Lite-Up Conductor's Baton - it makes a dramatic impression in low-light venues.

Once you've chosen a baton, don't forget that it's going to need a place to stay between uses! You can take care of that in this section as well, with several suggestions for cases, including the Mollard Baton Case, Mollard Universal Baton Case and the Mollard Baton Tote. In fact, there's even the option to provide a second layer of protection for a fine wooden case by adding the Mollard Universal Baton Case Cover. It's safe to say there's no better way to safeguard your favorite batons and arrangers.

The value of a great baton is something that not many people outside the music community would truly understand. Really, having a baton with the correct weight and shape for your arm and hand is more important than it may seem - especially if you'd rather not wake up with a sore arm the night after a performance! So take a close look; your baton or arranger is your symbol of office as a conductor, and you've got every reason to want a great one.