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Banjo Straps

Functional, fashionable and made to keep you playing longer, a good banjo strap is a must-have for all players. From blue grass to folk, country to rock, the banjo has left its mark on music around the world, and with a strap that accommodates all your needs, you can leave yours on this iconic instrument as well. When picking out the perfect strap, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision. First, are you looking for style, breathability, comfort or a combination of all of the above? From leather to nylon to polyester, your options for material are quite expansive. Each offers its own unique benefit so knowing what you want beforehand can really help you narrow things down. With a variety of thicknesses and linings as well, finding a fit that best suits your style of play also makes your decision a lot easier. Of course, you'll want to consider the look as well.

To really drive home your presence on stage, take a look at all the different cuts and patterns. Designed to make you look as good as you sound, these straps were made to enhance and embellish how you perform. Finally, you'll want to consider how you play your banjo. Some musicians prefer to play it higher on their chest, while others closer to their waist. Finding a height you're comfortable with for your style and stature will go a long way in ensuring you're always relaxed while you play, so you can just focus on the music you're making. No matter how or what you play, a solid banjo strap makes all the difference. With a number of styles and makes, the options found here promise you'll find a unique strap that securely keeps your favorite instrument in place thoughout any performance.