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The founding concept behind Rivera is a simple one: artists come first, each and every time. That's the philosophy under which the company was founded in 1976, and it still operates by that idea today. Rivera has a well-earned reputation for pushing the envelope in amplifier and effects tech, thanks in part to being a privately-held company. That means that they don't have to worry about shareholders or bottom lines: just the founder, Paul Rivera's, vision of setting the standard in amps and effects. To see the "Rivera effect" in action, all you have to do is check out the long list of artists who swear by Rivera gear. Here are just a few of the names you'll find on it: Vivian Campbell, Vince Gill, Robin Zander, Steve Miller, Dave Grohl, Mick Mars and Ani DiFranco. If that sounds like a list that you'd like to see your name added to, then a Rivera amplifier is a great place to start. The classic styling of Rivera amps isn't just for looks; they've got the guts to back it up: all tubes, all the time. Take the Clubster 25W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp out for a spin if you're looking for versatility: with the capability to deliver tones ranging from meaty high-gain metal to clear classic rock to laid-back Mississippi Blues, there's nothing this combo amp isn't ready to deliver. Need more than 25 watts? No problem - just step up to the 50W Clubster Royale and you'll have the stage rattling. Part of getting the most out of your amp is having the right effects to go with it, so, naturally, Rivera has you covered here as well. The Shaman line of effects pedals comes in varieties named after the genres they're best known for, like the Metal Shaman Distortion and Blues Shaman Overdrive Pedals. These are high-end effects units that have a ton to offer for your sound. Rivera also makes a power attenuator called the RockCrusher, which is the perfect way to get independent control over volume and distortion. It's no secret why Rivera amps are the favorites of so many professional artists: when you see and hear one, the build and sound quality speak for themselves. Get started with your own Rivera amps and effects today, and you'll be well on your way to taking your performances to the next level onstage as well as in the studio.