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If you're looking to radically change the sound of your electric guitar or want to give your instrument an upgrade that's quick, easy and economical, install a prewired pickguard. Nowadays, most prewired pickguards come with solderless pots and pre-loaded pickups, removing all the complication of replacing your scratchboard. With no wires to solder together, you'll be up and playing again in no time. The prewired pickguard you choose will depend on your instrument or the sound you want to create, and some pickguards are made for specific electric guitar models. For instance, the DiMarzio Billy Corgan Prewired Pickguard is explicitly designed to replace the standard 11-hole Fender pickguard. This pickguard features a BC-1 pickup in the neck, a BC-2 in the bridge and a chopper in the middle. You can quickly have your trusty Fender looking like new and delivering a clean, sweet sound with no noise at all.

Another loaded pickguard made for specific models is the Seymour Duncan Prewired Pickguard with California 50's SSL – 1 Pickups. This pickguard accommodates the most common 11-hole pattern on strats and comes completely assembled. For strat-styled electric guitars, the DiMarzio Paul Gilbert Injector Prewired Pickguard Pickup Set is a solid choice. This combo is easy to install and includes pots, knobs and 3 pickups that offer a fast response, reduce noise and provide you with exceptional tone versatility. Another strat-style pickguard to consider is the EMG ST – 12 SRO Dual Humbacker Prewired Pickguard. With the pickups preloaded and the wiring complete, this pickguard offers the perfect balance between clarity and high gain. Prewired pickguards provide a hassle free way to swap out your existing finger rest as well as add a decorative element when you want to customize the look of your electric guitar. Whether you play rock, country, heavy metal or any other genre of music, you're sure to find a prewired pickguard that's perfect for your instrument.