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The core philosophy behind JBL's long history of audio innovation is based on meticulous attention to every detail of system design. If the wire needed for a new voice coil isn't available, JBL develops it. If a tool or technology doesn't exist, JBL invents it. This uncompromising commitment to the goal drives the development of every new product and technology that bears the JBL logo.

Designing our products from the ground up enables our engineers to address current day audio problems though a 67-year evolution of audio knowledge, innovative thinking and proprietary tools. This holistic approach ensures that each component is designed to work together as a system, right down to the placement of the handles.

Breaking free of the conventional, we develop technologies like our patented Differential Drive woofers that reduce driver weight and heat while greatly enhancing all critical performance parameters - frequency response, power output and distortion. And our Image Control Waveguide that delivers a wide coverage pattern with consistent frequency response that liberates our studio monitors from the room while delivering extraordinary detail, nuance, and a rock stable sound stage that ensures mixing accuracy regardless of the workspace.

In its early years, JBL was driven by the passion of James B. Lansing, who developed many of the design and fabrication standards still in use by speaker manufacturers worldwide. JBL began as a builder and supplier of speakers for movie theaters and through the years, its product lineup has expanded to PA speakers, studio monitors and subwoofers used in both live performances and recording studios. Today, JBL is part of the Harman International family of companies. Constant development of new technologies and the unique ability to leverage technology developed by other Harman companies allows JBL to stay at the forefront of speaker technologies.