Extended Range Acoustic-Electric Guitars

If you’re used to a regular six-string acoustic guitar, you may not know that there are a whole world of different guitar options out there for you. One such option is the extended range acoustic-electric guitar. With their signature look and style, these guitars can open up an entire new world of tones you never before thought possible. Popular everywhere from surf rock, to spaghetti western soundtracks, to hard rock and jazz music, the extended range acoustic-electric guitar is a versatile instrument that adds plenty to your acoustic sound.

When choosing an extended range acoustic-electric guitar, the most obvious benefit is that you can plug into an amp for added volume. This is ideal for playing gigs in larger rooms so everyone can get the full experience of your performance. One thing you may not think of that is also an incredible advantage, is that an acoustic electric guitar can easily be plugged into a recording interface. This means you can take full advantage of that warm sound to record demos, ideas, or complete songs without having to mic a room perfectly. Just plug in and hit record and you’ll be set.

These acoustic-electric guitars come in extended ranges so you’ll no longer be limited to just six strings. An option such as the Godin A11 Glissentar 11-String Fretless Acoustic-Electric Guitar allow for effortless blending of eastern and western influence, while the Inuk Ambiance Steel Acoustic-Electric Sunburst HG, also from Godin, will help your sound stand out with custom voiced electronics. With such a variety of options available, you’ll have no trouble finding the guitar for you.

An extended range acoustic-electric guitar is ideal because while it gives you option of playing in a lower range, it doesn’t mean you can’t play it in a standard range as well. For example, the Ovation Elite TX A/E D-scale mid-depth offers that rich, deep low end, but all it needs is a capo on the second fret and it can also act as a standardly tuned acoustic. Having that extra versatility on hand makes these baritone guitars even better.

Whichever extended range acoustic-electric guitar you choose, you’re in for a true joy when you start to play. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a real challenge, or a professional looking to add new sounds and tones into your style, an extended range acoustic-electric guitar is a great instrument that’s worth checking out.