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Trombone Stands

Depending on the instrument you play, some music accessories are a lot more essential than others. When it comes to brass instruments, a strong and sturdy stand should definitely be at the top of your must-have list and trombones are no exception. Regardless of your skill level, a solidly-built trombone stand will ensure your instrument is always where you want it when you're ready to play it, and today's top stand manufacturers each offer their own trombone stand models. From Hamilton and K&M to Mainline and Titan, these names can be found in orchestra pits and in rehearsal rooms all around the world, and this section includes them all. When choosing a stand, you'll definitely want to consider a few things, including how much you want to spend and whether or not your stand is for stage use or for maintaining your instrument at home. If you're not sure where to begin, try starting with the best sellers - for example, the Hamilton KB952 Trombone Stand is a popular choice. With this stand, Hamilton's expert team created the perfect balance needed to support your trombone safely and it's also very easy to transport thanks to its folding legs. Or, if you have a little more wiggle room in your bank account, feast your eyes on the K&M Precision Trombone Stand. One of the finest instrument stands available, this beauty is made to fit all trombone models and boasts a rubber adjustable height bell cone that will not tarnish your bell's finish. Additionally, the wide stance tripod legs with rubber tips provide your trombone with top-notch stability, making this a terrific option for both stage and home use. Keeping your trombone in tip-top working condition is as simple as giving it the love and attention it deserves, and one of the easiest ways to preserve your instrument's quality is by placing it on a stand when you're not making music with it. The fact that you've come to this catalog is proof that you care about your trombone's well-being, so without further hesitation, browse away and make your pick.