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Single Duplicators

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When you need to quickly copy your music so you can share it, there's no better piece of equipment than a single duplicator. Designed for speed and portability, allowing you to setup and copy single discs whenever needed, these devices are user-friendly and easy-to-use, making them indispensable for any musician looking to be heard. Not every duplicator has the same features though, so knowing specifically what you're looking for can definitely help make your decision a lot easier. If portability and ease of use are at the top of your list, an option like the EZ Dupe DVD Coach is definitely worth considering. Lightweight, and with no need for a computer at all, this versatile device allows you to copy CDs and DVDs with the press of a few buttons. And when it's not duplicating your media, it also doubles as a CD player!

If you're looking for something to set and forget that can pump out a larger quantity of copies, definitely take a look at the Acronova Nimbie NB11 USB Auto Loading Duplicator. With its 100 disc capacity, you simply load it and choose the settings you want. Completely hassle-free, it connects to almost any computer with ease and is compatible with a variety of software programs. It's never been easier to share your music with fans. Another thing to keep an eye out for is supported formats. Knowing if your duplicator can work with the format of the discs you need copied is absolutely crucial. Some duplicators, like the Microboards Premium PRM PRO-716 DVD Tower Copier keeps that in mind and can handle an almost limitless number of formats while it copies. Fast and functional, this professional single duplicator promises to make quick work of your projects. Making sure your music can be shared is a huge step in going from casual hobbyist to serious musician. With a single duplicator in your equipment repertoire, no matter when you need to copy your music to distribute, you'll be ready.