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Samba Accessories

There's no other style of music in the world quite like samba. With undeniable flair and a real sense of rhythm, it's a genre that never fails to get us on our feet and moving to the beat. Maybe the only thing that could be better than enjoying samba is playing it, and to do that you're going to need the right samba accessories to get the most out of your instruments.

From beaters and sticks to cases and holders, the essentials are right here. In order to get authentic Brazilian character out of your tamborim or surdo, pair it up with the sticks or beaters that will deliver just the sounds you're looking for. Meinl has a number of beaters to choose from, including firmer ones for the surdo or repinique as well as a bushier felt beater designed for the surdo exclusively. Tamborim sticks come in even more varieties, starting small and light and getting as heavy as you like. There are even multiple-rod sticks for brush-like response. Changing your beater is one of the most straightforward ways to customize your sound. Naturally, playing an instrument live means getting it to the stage in the first place, so don't forget about gig bags for your samba percussion. Pack it up in bags like Meinl's lineup, which are made out of padded nylon to protect the drum from bumps and scratches.

Carrying straps make it very easy to pick up your surdo, tamborim, repinique pandeiro or caixa and carry it confidently to the next big music festival or intimate show. Exploding from the streets of Rio onto the world stage, samba music is more popular now than ever. Whether you're a seasoned pro who's been along for the whole ride or a beginner just getting started in this exciting genre, make sure that you're well-stocked with all the accessories you need to put your instruments through their paces.