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Finding a violin that's beautifully crafted yet affordable is easier than you think - in fact, student, teacher and performing violinists worldwide are discovering every day that Revelle violins are the perfect balance of performance and value. Whether you're a beginner who's looking for an affordable violin that includes essential accessories, or an aspiring concertist who wants to blow the audience away at an upcoming recital, Revelle has a violin here to suit every skill level and taste.

Speaking of affordable violins with important accessories, those collections are known as "outfits" in the violin world, and they're an excellent choice for students. Go ahead and take a look at the Model 300 Violin Outfit. The violin in this package is ideal for newcomers to the instrument: available in 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 sizes, the Model 300 delivers a balanced, powerful tone and boasts a Despiau bridge, ebony fittings and Perlon Core strings. Along with a hard case, carbon fiber bow, rosin, polishing cloth and a Revelle Welcome Kit, this outfit would put any youngster on the right path of their musical adventure.

Intermediate violinists will also come across top-notch outfits in these pages. Intermediate violins are crafted specifically for 2nd or 3rd year players who have decided to continue playing the instrument and want to graduate to a higher-end model. Need a suggestion? Turn your attention to the Model 500QXE Violin Outfit 4/4 Size. Sporting Hill-style tuners, seasoned ebony fittings and made of European maple and spruce, the Model 500QXE has the looks, feel and sound to motivate any striving stage performer. This outfit includes a heavy-duty, weather-grade premium case, full-size music pocket with tablet holder, case, bow and many other useful accessories to help you reach the top.

Of course, there are plenty of other options here that include just the violin itself; all you pro-level players need to check out the Model 700QX Violin: a gorgeous model with a rich color palette, mature tone and feel that would make any highly-skilled performer proud to play in front of like-minded music lovers. The simple truth is that Revelle takes pride in helping you make the most of your talents, and this catalog of Revelle violins makes that very obvious.