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Purple Electric Bass

The fact that you're in this section says a lot about your unique tastes - after all, purple is not a common color for any instrument, let alone an electric bass guitar. Of course, that just means you'll stand out even more from the competition - and rest assured, the purple electric bass guitars in this catalog play and sound as stunning as they look. In fact, these purple electric basses come to you from trusted bass manufacturers like Ibanez, Squier, ESP and G&L, so you'll have no problem bringing your skills to the forefront on one of these beauties.

The bass guitars here may share the common color of purple - but besides that, they're anything but similar. For example, the top-selling Ibanez GRM30 Mikro has a short-scale neck that makes it perfect for both players with smaller fingers and even touring bassists who travel in cramped spaces but still want to practice on the road. Or how about the Squier Affinity Jazz Bass Electric Bass: featuring dual single-coil Jazz Bass Pickups, this affordable 4-string axe delivers a powerful tone and is ideal for virtually any genre.

Or, maybe you're a metal bassist who favors the versatility of a 5-string axe - if so, then feast your eyes on the ESP LTD F-155. This beast sports a distinctive shape and design that sort of looks like a mix between a Route 66 Interstate sign and a weapon from a Dungeons & Dragons manual. It's also armed with dual ESP SB-5 pickups while the ESP ABQ-3 3-Band EQ gives you total control over your tone and volume.

Purple is a color that is said to represent creativity and ambition: two traits that every musician carries. So, why not show off those traits with a purple electric bass? As you can see, there are more than enough purple electric bass guitars here to choose from - and with a little time spent here, you'll be sure to come across something that makes you eager to jump on stage and rock out loud and proud.