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Professional Violins

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Choosing the right violin will be one of the most important musical decisions you'll ever have to make. When properly maintained, a violin can be played and enjoyed for many, many years. For that reason, a professional violin is definitely an investment worth making. As a significant step up from student instruments, professional violins are made with aged wood and are often equipped with ebony components - features not typically found on beginner models. Their sound is known to be clearer, crisper and more precise: exactly what an advanced student or professional violinist needs to take their talent to the next level.

Speaking of advanced students, let's start by checking out a couple of professional violins that offer superior sound at an affordable price. The Karl Willhelm Model 55 Violin is a prime example of a step-up violin that won't easily be outgrown. This full-size violin is fitted with top-quality strings to produce a bright sound lends itself perfectly to orchestral and practice settings. Another great choice for students is the Ren Wei Shi Artist 1 Violin. Based on the design of a 1715 Stradivarius violin, the Artist 1 produces a full, resonant response that sounds simply stunning in both solo and group performances.

If you're already well-versed with the violin, turn your attention to the SV-1500 Master Series Violin Outfit. Made with the professional violinist in mind, the SV-1500 is a beautiful blend of skilled manufacturing techniques and the best materials available. From its solid tonewoods to the polished boxwood trim and ebony fittings, the SV-1500 is a work of art in every way, shape and form.

There are many exceptional instruments on these pages, so you owe it to yourself to spend some time getting familiar with the features that make each one shine. Your instrument should do more than just sound amazing... it should also make you happy, and any one of these professional violins can do just that.