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Professional Euphoniums

Every musician deserves to play an instrument that showcases their dedication, hard-work and talent. If you're shopping in this section of professional euphoniums, chances are you've been playing for some time and are well-versed in how this large brass instrument sounds and functions. First developed in the mid-1800s, little has changed in the basic design of the euphonium and it continues to be a core instrument in marching bands and big brass ensembles worldwide. Whether you're playing in a band with dozens of other musicians or in a stripped-down brass quintet, your sound will be heard loud and clear when you play any one of the professional euphoniums found here.

One thing to keep in mind while browsing is that the main difference between professional and student euphoniums is that the beginner instruments have three valves and those geared toward advanced students or working musicians have an extra "compensating" fourth valve that's typically found midway down the right-hand side of the instrument. This valve lowers the pitch of the euphonium by a perfect fourth, which is critical in many classical music pieces.

A prime example of a euphonium that fits the popular 3-and-1 valve design is the Cerveny VFC-EP6566 Emperor Series Compensating Euphonium. Featuring an upright 12" bell that projects a round, warm tone, this compensating Bb euphonium offers excellent piston valve action and a highly-polished lacquer finish that looks amazing on stage.

The Willson 2900S Series Compensating Euphonium is another fantastic instrument with the traditional 3 top + 1 side valve construction. Regarded by many musicians as the leading professional instrument available to the seasoned player today, this yellow brass euphonium produces a big, colorful sound that lends itself beautifully to brass ensembles both large and small.

The two euphoniums mentioned above only scratch the surface of what's available in this section. With so many exceptional instruments to choose from, you owe it to yourself (and your music) to spend some time studying the features that make each one stand out before deciding which one best suits your own unique playing style.