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Photos, Posters & Plaques

Every music fan knows that loving a certain band or artist goes well beyond occasionally listening to their music. Take for example fans of The Beatles or Bob Marley: you can usually spot a Beatles or Marley headcase pretty easily. Their home is most likely filled with photos, posters and plaques that boast images of their favorite artist's albums and live shows. If this sounds like you, then you're definitely in the right place. Our catalog is filled with photos, posters and plaques of the aforementioned musical artists, along with other icons like Hendrix, Elvis, Rush and even John Lennon from his solo years.

So, which bands or artists get your motor revving? If The Beatles are number 1 in your book, you'll find plenty of photos and posters of the band here ranging from their boots-and-tailored-suits days to their later psychedelic long-haired years. Want to really turn heads and spark a great musical conversation? Go with the Mounted Memories The Beatles "On the Ed Sullivan Show" Framed Presentation. This officially licensed poster features a photo of their historic February 9th, 1964 appearance. Additionally, it includes a miniature replica of the show ticket, eight replicas of buttons from the era and picture sleeve images representing songs that the group performed on that night.

Or, if seeing Hendrix in action is what inspires you to pick up your axe, check out the top-selling Ace Framing Jimi Hendrix - Copenhagen 24" x 35" Poster. This high-quality framed poster boasts the image of Hendrix performing live on September 3rd, 1970 in Denmark. Another popular seller is the Ace Framing Bob Marley - Sepia 24" x 36" Poster. Displaying a photo of the reggae legend privately playing his 5-string acoustic guitar, this stunning poster will make a welcoming addition to the walls of any Marley fan's home.

Music is a way of life - so, why not fill up every nook and cranny of your life with the groups and artists that you love most? Whether you're adding character to your living room or livening up the walls in your rehearsal space, these photos, posters and plaques are a great way to showcase your favorite bands and artists to others - not to mention, remind yourself why you play music in the first place.