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Pearl Marching Snare Drums

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a drummer that isn't familiar with the Pearl name. Founded in 1952, Pearl drums have consistently remained a go-to choice amongst marching band drummers and percussionists from around world, and their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship has certainly earned them a fair share of High Percussion awards. One of the most significant aspects of a marching band is the snare drum, and depending on how they are hit, marching snare drums are capable of producing a wide range of sounds. So whether you're a university director who's preparing for marching band season, or a high school student who's trying to make a big impression on pupils, you can bet that this catalog has just what you're looking for. For an excellent sounding marching snare drum at an amazing price, the Pearl Competitor High-Tension marching snare drum is a great combination of versatility and power. Consisting of an 8-ply mahogany shell that's rich in upper dynamics and a lever action strainer that functions smoothly and accurately, the Pearl Competitor marching snare drum is an ideal option for players of any age or level of skill. Another popular item is the Pearl Championship Carbonply snare drum. The superior volume, attack, and full-bodied tonal range of this snare drum is the result of 6 plies of exotic African mahogany that sits between an inner and outer ply of carbon fiber. For marching band snare players who are highly competitive, you don't need to look any further than this drum to put your group in the number one position. With their explosive projection and clear-cut articulation, Pearl marching snare drums have a reputation for holding up amazingly through countless practices and performances. In fact, their flawless construction, lightweight feel and extraordinary volume is continuously praised by performers around the globe.