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NS Design Violins

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If you've come to this section expecting a collection of ordinary, standard violin models, think again - in fact, NS Design violins have a look and sound that put them in a league of their own. Founded in 1990 by renowned instrument designer Ned Steinberger, NS Design has since changed the way people think of electric bowed stringed instruments. Today, NS Design violins are now favored by many heavy hitters in the music industry, including Trevor Dick, Laurie Anderson and Casey Driessen.

From 4-string electric violins to 5-string models and even fretted versions, NS Design's selection of violins is both extensive and versatile. Still not sure where to start your search? Try an affordable top seller like the WAV 4 Electric Violin. Available in your choice of black, red and amber, this electric violin boasts a Polar pickup system with a sensor and bridge. These two parts are strategically placed to translate every nuance of the instrument's big, bold tone to an amp or speaker system. The WAV 4's rock maple bridge is easy to adjust and its excellent playability makes it ideal for pros and students alike.

Now, if you really want to take advantage of your technical abilities, check out the NXT5 Electric Violin. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, the NXT5 is the first NS violin to use the innovative JackPot potentiometer in its tone and volume controls. Containing a rotary switch, the JackPot disengages the ground when it's fully turned and sends the instrument's entire signal to the amp. This results in a more intense, powerful sound.

Ned Steinberger's goal was simple: take the possibilities of electric stringed instruments beyond amplifying the natural sound of a regular acoustic model. Of course, it's pretty obvious that he achieved his goal; NS Design violins are proof that even musicians who play bowed stringed instruments can take advantage of plugging into an amp and experimenting with various effects and distortion techniques. You already have the talent - all you need now is an NS Design violin to show you how creative you can be with your hard-earned violin skills.