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MIDI Pedalboards

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When MIDI first emerged in the 1980s, it made a huge impact on every aspect of the music world - so huge, in fact, that we're still feeling it today. MIDI-capable gear is everywhere, and it's the go-to standard for digital production and performance. With the ability to cue up an unlimited library of sounds and samples, there's a mind-boggling amount of potential in any MIDI setup. Of course, taking full advantage of that potential is a matter of giving yourself the tools to control it, which could mean adding MIDI pedalboards to your collection.

What makes MIDI pedalboards different from most other MIDI controllers is a fact that couldn't be any simpler: you use them with your feet. When we think of a controller, we tend to think of keyboard, pad or wind controllers. And while those are all well and good, we've only got two hands apiece and there's definitely some missed opportunities there. Think about it: organists and pianists use pedals to control their instruments, guitarists and bassists use pedals to alter their effects - so shouldn't a MIDI setup get pedals, too? As a matter of fact, some of the pedalboards you'll find here can be used to do those exact same things. For instance, if you'd like to turn your MIDI keyboard into a virtual organ, you could do it with the Roland Dynamic MIDI Pedal. Or, if you have an effects setup that supports MIDI, check out Rocktron's Raider Footcontroller to get the MIDI equivalent of a multi-effects pedal. You could also set up either of these pedalboards to start and stop accompaniments for solo gigs, and that's just the beginning.

If there's one word that could describe any MIDI controller, it's "versatile." MIDI pedalboards are no exception: no matter how you might choose to take advantage of MIDI flexibility in your performances or recordings, they're ready to back you up as one of the key pieces of your hardware layout.