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Lace Stratocaster Pickups (Humbucker)

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When Don Lace Sr. set out to perfect the design of his first Sensor pickups in the 80s, he had three main goals: to reduce the high rejection rate known to traditional style pickups, increase fidelity and reduce outside hum. He accomplished all three and at the same time, managed to catch the eye of Fender. They liked what they saw, started to incorporate Lace's pickups onto their own guitars and the rest is history. Today, Lace Stratocaster humbucker pickups offer a fantastic way to experiment with your signature sound. Whether you go with a classic pickup like the Sensor Gold or a killer combo like the Emerald-RW Silver-Purple Guitar Pickup Set, you're sure to be impressed with the selection of Lace Stratocaster humbucker pickups found here.

So, which pickup is right for you? Of course, that's going to come down to your personal preferences, but if you want some advice on where to begin browsing, a great place to start is with the best-sellers. Take for example, the Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red 3-Pack S-S-S Pickup Set. Known by Lace as their "Value Pack," this set of pickups gives you a ton of bang for your buck by bundling Lace's top 3 Sensors into one sound-packed box. It comes with a Red Sensor for the bridge, a Silver Sensor for a fat middle tone and Lace's Blue Sensor for creamy blues tones in the neck position. If you want to experience a wide range of what Lace has to offer when it comes to their Sensor Series, this is pickup set for you.

Lace also has a variety of single Strat pickups available as well, so if you've got your sights set on a single pickups, you're in luck. The Lace Sensor-Silver Pickup is designed to replicate the sound produced by early Fender single-coil pickups. With their fat 70's single coil sound, increased output and beefy mid-range, Silver pickups are best suited to vintage and classic rock, blue and pop musical styles. Want to add more sizzle to your sound? Lace's Red Sensor may be more your speed. With its fat and punchy humbucker sound, this pickup that's ideal for pop, punk, metal and alt rock music.

Through the creation of cutting edge products that capture the sound and soul of their original counterparts, Lace continues to be an industry leader in equipment and accessories for guitar, bass and other acoustic stringed instruments. And even the briefest glance at this section of Lace Stratocaster humbucking pickups will tell you why - many of the pickups found here are top sellers and that's no coincidence. Each and every pickup has features that makes it stand out, so feel free to dive in and discover which Lace pickups are going to best showcase your signature sound.