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LP Drum Heads

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Jazz and rock drummers aren't the only ones who need to give careful consideration to their choice of heads. Even in the world of Latin music, drum heads play an essential role in the resulting sound of djembes, bongos, timbales, congas and more. For these percussionists, LP drum heads are preferred more often than not, and this catalog is chock-full of high-quality drum heads for your Latin percussion instruments. In fact, LP drum heads are favored by many internationally-acclaimed musicians, including late legends like Armando Peraza, Don Alias and Tito Puente.

The right LP drum heads for you will depend on the Latin percussion instrument you play. There are plenty of top sellers here, including LP961 Djembe Head. Designed specifically for the LP720 djembe, this head's durability and sound quality holds up tremendously through countless hard-hitting performances. For that matter, the same can be said for the Galaxy Rawhide Conga Head. As its name suggests, this replacement head is made from rawhide (hand-selected) and will surely impress even the most experienced conga players.

Moving things along, you'll also want to check out the Galaxy Rawhide Quinto Head. Authentic in every way, this replacement head has a look, feel and sound that is simply unrivaled by any other quinto head on the market. Or how about the LP Bongo Head: this rawhide head fits the small bongo drum for LP Bongos. Simply put, it has a great tone and comes at a very affordable price.

No matter what LP drum head you ultimately choose, you'll be blown away by its exceptional craftsmanship and staying power. LP has been in the percussion game for more than half a century, and every drum head they design needs to meet the high standards of their dedicated team of experts. So make your picks and see for yourself why LP is so respected among today's most talented Latin percussionists!