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K&M Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers

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You've worked hard to build an impressive collection of guitars, so it only makes sense that you'd want to show them off (even when you're not playing them!). That's where K&M Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers come in to play. Offering you plenty of options for storage and display, both onstage and off, K&M Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers are a perfect complement to your awesome guitar collection. For over 60 years, König & Meyer have been producing stands & wall hangers. Constantly striving to produce the absolute best equipment, this German company is focused on innovation, as well as environmental responsibility. By putting customers and the world they live in first, K&M has established itself as a premier brand for musicians around the world. So which K&M Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers are perfect for you? Well, that's a matter of personal preference. Are you looking for a wall mount to put your guitars on full display? If so, there are several available here. These mounts easily attach to your wall and feature adjustable arms so your guitar will fit perfectly. Built to last and requiring next to no space to install, a wall mount is a perfect way to showcase the pride you have in your guitars. If you'd rather a stand for your music room, or the stage, K&M still has you covered. An option like their Five Guitar Stand, for example, is perfect for any performer with a wide collection of guitars. If you've got fewer guitars, there are still stands to suit your needs. If you're performing on a stage, the Guitar Mount for Mic Stand is definitely something you'll want to check out. This mount easily attaches to your mic stand so you have easy access to your guitar during every live set you perform. Plenty of guitarists love to show off their unique instruments. K&M Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers give you the opportunity let everybody see your fantastic collection, all while keeping them close at hand when you're ready to rock.