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Istanbul Mehmet Ride Cymbals

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When Istanbul Mehmet cymbals were first introduced to the U.S. in 1984, it didn't take long before their stunning craftsmanship was being championed by drummers and percussionists across the nation. Of course, this includes their ride cymbals, and within this section you'll find an impressive variety of rides, each of which are made with meticulous attention to detail and sound quality. After all, we're talking about a brand that was started by two cymbalsmiths who had three decades of cymbal making experience before they even put a name to their company, and their hard work and passion is obvious. Every experienced percussionist knows how essential the ride cymbal is to the standard drum kit, and Istanbul Mehmet's rides are crafted in the traditional Turkish method. With that in mind, each model also has its own distinct characteristics, and the El Negro Light Ride 22 Inch is from a series of signature cymbals that offer flavor for many different musical genres. This one in particular features a specially brushed finish with an unfinished, compact bell. Producing a pleasant sound and wash, the El Negro Light Ride is ideal for jazz drummers. Or, if you're after a cymbal that can cut through cranked-up amplifiers, take a look at the Radiant Series Medium Ride 20 Inch. Pairing a thick tone with a powerful projection, this medium ride delivers rich sustain and clean stick definition that would satisfy any rock drummer. Now for those who play varied musical gigs and need a cymbal that's modern and versatile, go with the Session Series Ride 22 Inch. This ride has a power bell that is slightly oversized for piercing accents, and its resonant stick sound and ping will certainly not go unnoticed. And these three ride cymbals were only mentioned to give you an idea of what awaits you, so be sure to check out the rest of Istanbul Mehmet's options. Whether your technique is complex and soft or simple and hard-hitting, Istanbul Mehmet has a ride cymbal that will perfectly match your unique playing style, and also be a massive upgrade to your setup.