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General Baritone/Euphonium Instruction Books

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So you've decided to learn how to play the baritone (euphonium) horn? That's great news! The baritone is a fun and challenging brass instrument to master, but there are plenty of general instruction books out there to hone your craft with. As you might've guessed, baritone horns are sometimes referred to as euphoniums, which is why in this section you'll find general instrument books that use both terms. In fact, music publishers like KJOS are trusted worldwide for their top-notch baritone/euphonium instruction books, and they have more than enough choices available in this catalog. As you browse your options, you might notice that these baritone/euphonium books come in various choices with the abbreviations "TC" and "BC" written in their titles; they simply stand for the terms "treble clef" and "bass clef". It was mentioned earlier that the baritone and euphonium are essentially the same instrument. While this is true, the two terms also refer to different playing styles. If you're learning the baritone style, you'll want to go with a book written for bass clef part, and for learning the euphonium style, go with a book for treble clef parts. The KJOS Tradition of Excellence: Technique & Musicianship Baritone/Euph book is available in both bass clef and treble clef notation. Book volumes are for musicians who have completed their second year of study and they're loaded with scales, thirds and arpeggios, as well as articulation, technique and melodious etudes. They even contain excerpts from the classical repertoire and full-band chorales in 16 major and minor keys. These method books are extremely popular, and by the time you've finished them, you'll notice a huge improvement in your baritone/euphonium playing technique. As you can see, you're definitely in the right place for general baritone/euphonium instruction books. This unique, low-pitched brass instrument can be found in school and college bands across the country, and there are many notable artists in today's concert band world who've earned praise for their baritone/euphonium skills, including Leonard Falcone and Simone Manti. In other words, you can bet that there's an audience out there with tastes as discerning as yours who can't wait to hear your baritone/euphonium talents in all their glory. And with one of these instruction books in your collection, you'll be delivering jaw-dropping performances like a pro.